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Press Releases
30 January 2020

Tracy Damestani resigns from the board of directors of the European Casino Association following National Casino Forum dissolution

Ms. Damestani announced her resignation from her position as Vice-Chair of the ECA, effective immediately, after many years of commitment to the promotion of the sector amongst UK and EU regulatory bodies

Tracy Damestani was elected Vice-Chair of the Association in 2015. She has substantially contributed to the growth and the diversity of the association, thanks to her long-lasting experience in the field of gambling association work.

During her mandate, Ms. Damestani oversaw the Working Group on Events and Education launching several important initiatives. She promoted inclusion within the licensed land-based casino and made increased diversity a priority for the ECA and its members. She delivered several solutions to address some of the challenges and opportunities for the sector. As a strong ambassador for gender equality, she led the implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion Career Enhancement (DICE), the first Gender Diversity Initiative to promote not only gender inclusion, but also diversity in all forms. In shaping and maintaining this initiative she worked closely with fellow ECA Board Member Janny Wierda from Holland Casino. The initiative is and will continue to be an important part in ECA’s ongoing support for the UN Global Compact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ms Damestani stated “It is with extreme sadness that I tender my resignation. I thank the ECA board, its Chair and all our wonderful colleagues across the membership for collaborating and progressing our excellent projects within land-based casinos; my sincere good wishes for the future”.

Per Jaldung, ECA Chairman, noted “Within the ECA, Ms Damestani has emphasized the importance of supporting women in the gambling industry before the term gender diversity became mainstream. Working closely for several years with Ms. Damestani - on issues related to responsible gambling, GDPR and other important topics for our industry as well as trade organisation management - has been a great experience. Her contributions to the ECA are very valuable. She will be missed, but we know she will continue to be an ambassador for the land-based casino industry at different levels. Her involvement will have a lasting impact on the ECA, and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours. The ECA is now considering several different options to maintain a close relationship with the land-based casino industry in the UK.

30 January 2020