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The best European croupiers will come to Brussels next week to crown their champion

The 2023 European Dealer Championship, a prestigious event celebrating the casino industry's finest, is set to take place at the renowned Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE - a Casinos Austria International operation - located in the vibrant heart of Brussels. Demonstrating the ECA's unwavering commitment to excellence within the industry, this highly anticipated event will feature 37 exceptional dealers hailing from 20 European countries as they vie for the top title before a discerning international audience. Scheduled from June 12th to 15th, the Grand Casino Brussels VIAGE is poised to welcome over 300 enthusiastic spectators who will gather for this thrilling three-day event, culminating in the crowning of Europe's elite dealers.

The prestigious ECA Dealer Championship, renowned as Europe's foremost and longest-standing competition of its kind, brings together elite croupiers handpicked at the national level. These exceptional professionals engage in a riveting knock-out tournament that tests their technical prowess, game control, hospitality acumen, and unshakeable nerves. Since its momentous debut in 2007, the European Dealer Championship has traversed 14 countries, garnering the participation of over 450 contestants and captivating more than 2,500 spectators from around Europe and beyond. 

Swiss Casinos' Christoph Boo, the current EDC champion, dazzled audiences in Monaco last year with his exceptional technical prowess, masterful game control, and unwavering dedication to player-centric hospitality. Aspiring victors in the 2023 European Dealer Championship must showcase their astute decision-making, lightning-fast reflexes, and seamless ability to balance chip management, mathematics, and engaging social interactions. They will be meticulously evaluated by an esteemed panel of impartial international judges, who themselves have been top dealers at some point in their careers.

The European Dealer Championship owes its prestige to our esteemed jurors, experienced professionals dedicated to maintaining high standards in the gaming industry. They play a vital role in evaluating each participant's performance, thoroughly examining dealers' game control, communication, and technical skills. This rigorous assessment guarantees a fair, transparent competition, while providing invaluable feedback for participants to hone their abilities and thrive in their careers.

Discussing the upcoming contest, Erwin van Lambaart, Chairman of the European Casino Association, remarked: On June 12, we gather in the heart of Europe, where the European Casino Association collaborates with stakeholders and politicians to enhance the European casino sector and bolster our industry's reputation for a sustainable future. Through the EDC, we aim to honor the art of gaming alongside friends and colleagues from the European land-based industry. EDC 2023 offers a platform for the world to observe the passion, professionalism, and hospitality extended to guests on European gaming floors. Celebrating this remarkable skill and talent has always been the core focus of the EDC, and we are proud to host this year's edition in the European capital.

Tournament Director, Jaana Ruokamo, stated, "We eagerly anticipate the Brussels-hosted EDC, set in Europe's heart. This event highlights our dealers' achievements and dedication on Europe's grandest stage. As judges, we'll evaluate technical skills, precision, and craftsman/women-ship. Above all, we'll celebrate the social bonds, enjoyment, and entertainment unique to land-based gaming."

Hermann Pamminger, General Secretary of the European Casino Association (ECA), concluded: "This year's exceptional event, a grand celebration of land-based gaming talent, would not have been possible without the unwavering support from our esteemed sponsors in the supplier sector. The ECA extends its heartfelt gratitude to these leading companies for their longstanding commitment to this unique championship, ensuring its continued success and growth."

At the prestigious 2023 European Dealer Championship, participants will be competing for impressive prize money. The champion will claim the title of European Dealer Champion 2023 and receive a grand prize of €5,000. The 2nd and 3rd place finishers will be awarded €3,000 and €1,500, respectively. In addition to the main prizes, there are five Skill Challenges, each offering a prize of €500 for the winners, showcasing the diverse talents and expertise of the competitors.