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European Dealer Championship 2022

After two years wait, there is a new European Dealer Champion!

The two-year wait to find and crown the European Casino Association’s ‘European Dealer Champion’ ended in spectacular fashion at the Salle Medecin, Casino de Monte-Carlo on May 18, 2022. Two days of intense competition saw 40 participants from 23 different European countries display excellence in the ‘art of dealing’ against the stunning Monaco setting of Casino de Monte-Carlo. Proving their skill across all the disciplines, Christoph Boo from Casino Zurich, Switzerland beat Daniel Rhodes, Hippodrome London and Zoltan Horvath, Casino Györ, into second and third place, to win a thrilling final to rightfully be named this year’s European Dealer Champion.

The 14th edition of the ECA’s European Dealer Championship took place on the biggest stage and grandest theatre in European gaming, the fabulous Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Société des Bains de Mer, welcomed a record number of participants, jury members and a crowd of hundreds of spectators who witnessed Europe’s finest dealers in action.

Reflecting on his performance, Christoph Boo stated: “This is amazing. I never expected to win when I came to this amazing place, with all these fantastic dealers. I am so proud to have won this competition and to be crowned European Dealer Champion 2022.”

In addition to the main prize, in which participants had to prove their talents in the traditional and most popular casino games of American Roulette and Black Jack, a variety of side competitions focused upon special disciplines to find croupiers that have mastered chipping, card handling, cutting chips, pushing stacks and mathematics. The following winners showed their skills in these speciality events:
Best Card Handler: Christopher Conceicao, Casino de Monte-Carlo.
Best Cutting Chips: Noemie Serra, Casino de Monte-Carlo.
Best Pushing Stacks: Paul Gaitan, Casino Cosmopol.
Best Mathematician: Marcin Zdanowski, Casinos Poland.
Best Chipper: Paul Gaitan, Casino Cosmopol.

Each of the side event prizes was sponsored by London Gaming for €400. The third place prize of €750 was sponsored by CTC Holdings. The second place prize of €1,500 was sponsored by ICSE and the main prize of €3,000 for the champion was sponsored and presented by Light and Wonder. A special surprise was also awarded to the champion at the Winner’s Party on the final day, of a cruise provided by Carnival Corporation.



  • Winner

    Christoph Boo - Casino Zurich, Switzerland
  • Runner up

    Daniel Rhodes - Hippodrome London, UK
  • 2nd Runner up

    Zoltan Horvath - Casino Györ, Hungary
  • Best Card Handler

    Christopher Conceicao - Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • Best Cutting Chips

    Noemie Serra - Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco
  • Best Pushing Stacks

    Paul Gaitan - Casino Cosmopol, Sweden
  • Best Mathematician

    Marcin Zdanowski - Casinos Poland, Poland
  • Best Chipper

    Paul Gaitan - Casino Cosmopol, Sweden