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The European Casino Association (ECA) represents national associations and individual operators of licenced land-based casinos in Europe. To date, the ECA represents the interests of approximately 900 casinos with over 70,000 employees in 28 countries across Europe. Founded in the early 1990s as the European Casino Forum, the ECA has grown steadily over the years and today includes members from nearly EU Member States and non-EU countries.

The main purpose and objective of the ECA is to address and promote issues related to casinos and/or casino operations. In so doing, the ECA is the focal point on casino matters for casino operators as well as for EU and national policy makers and stakeholders. To this end, the ECA serves as a network for information; information that shall be used to communicate and work with the EU institutions on anything related to casino operations.

The ECA does not pursue any profit motive.

Within said purpose, the association aims to:

  • Collect and provide information on casino operations and casino administration including the assessment of European legislation and regulations addressing casino operations
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the casino industry amongst EU policy makers and stakeholders
  • Constructively contribute to EU decision making on matters affecting the casino sector


The ECA Secretariat is strategically based in Brussels at the very heart of the EU decision-making process and is responsible for the daily management of the Association and the implementation of its strategic activities. The Secretariat works in close cooperation with the Board of Directors and is supported by the Working Groups.


The ECA Board of Directors consists of high-level and experienced representatives of the European licenced land-based casino industry. It is elected by the General Assembly every three years. The Board steers and supervises the activities of the Association to reach its strategic objectives. It has ultimate decision-making powers in the management of the Association.


The ECA grants Honorary Positions to persons who have provided outstanding service and reputation to the Association in the past.

 Traditionally Innovative


    The ECA currently has 28 members, who are made up of European casino associations and individual casino operators. ECA members have exclusive access to all events and activities and meet for a General Assembly twice a year.

    The ECA serves its members by demonstrating the positive impact of the land-based casino industry while creating a dialogue with the European institutions and other relevant stakeholders in Brussels and beyond. The ECA also creates networking and business opportunities through industry-leading events such as the European Casino Forum and the European Dealer Championship.

    For further information and to register your interest in becoming a member of the ECA, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



    The ECA aims to establish strategic partnerships with the broader gaming industry to create synergies and increase its advocacy impact. ECA partners get access to exclusive events, benefit from key information about the casino industry and establish a privileged dialogue with the most important casino operations in Europe.


    ECA partnerships offer a unique opportunity to every major company in the industry to develop a privileged connection to the industry. For further information and to register your interest in becoming an ECA partner, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..