Responsible Gambling

Status: December 2016

Responsible gambling is a term widely used in the gambling industry, despite the absence of a widely-accepted definition. Much of the debate around gambling and the need to encourage responsible gambling arises primarily from concerns about problem gambling. Problem gambling is the form of gambling where gamblers experience harm affecting themselves and their relatives. Therefore, most definitions of responsible gambling refer to the minimisation of potential harm arising from gambling activities. The European Casino Association (ECA) takes a broad approach to the issue of responsible gambling. For us and our members, responsible gambling is an issue that relates to consumers, industry, regulators and the wider community. It involves strategies that reduce gambling-related harm and increase gambling-related benefits across society.

The ECA strongly believes that the promotion of responsible gambling in land-based and online casinos is in customers’ interest as much as it is in the interest of the industry. Operating casinos in a socially responsible way is a “conditio sine qua non” for licenced land-based and online casino operators. It is important both in terms of credibility as well as reputation – not only for the single operator but also for the whole industry. Furthermore, responsible gambling is a topic that is of utmost importance to all stakeholders in the gambling industry, from governments to regulators, employees and suppliers.

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