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SlotGuru partners up with the European Casino Association

5 July 2017

Brussels, 03 July 2017 – The European Casino Association (ECA) welcomes SlotGuru as a partner of the association. The start-up is behind a unique mobile app that offers slot machine players a way to better understand the array of products on offer. It aims to empower customers to play responsibly whilst enjoying the best possible casino experience. The app contains the key information to understanding the different elements of each game and contains a range of educational resources to help players identify the type of game that best suits their playing style.

The app can help players maximise the enjoyment that casinos offer, while aiming to prevent the development of problematic gambling behaviour. The ECA is a strong supporter of the implementation of responsible gambling programmes and members are at the forefront of introducing a responsible approach to their operations. As ECA chairman Per Jaldung commented “The ECA and SlotGuru share a vision of a fun and responsible approach to gambling, which requires players to be informed about the products at their disposal. New and innovative ways, such as the SlotGuru app, can help develop the industry further in a positive direction and we look forward to bringing the insight of our newest partner into the ECA.

By becoming a partner of the ECA, SlotGuru joins the land-based casino community represented by the ECA, sharing the aim of a strong and lively casino industry in Europe. Alongside other ECA partners, SlotGuru becomes a part of the association’s future development and enjoys direct access to the ECA’s events among many other benefits. For the ECA, the close cooperation with the European gaming industry – from manufacturers to service providers and new entrants – is crucial in successfully developing a thriving industry.

As Stuart Armstrong, Director & Founder of SlotGuru commented “Helping players make better gaming choices will guarantee better experiences every time they visit a casino. Our technology delivers a simple set of information that gives players the confidence to engage with a game. We are delighted to be part of the ECA and working with its members to help educate players and build a vibrant, growing and, thriving industry

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About the ECA

The ECA represents licensed land-based casinos in Europe, with 26 members and over 70,000 direct employees supporting local economies across Europe. It has members from nearly all EU Member States, as well as non-EU countries. The main purpose and objective of the ECA is to address and promote issues related to casinos and promote the positive contribution of the industry. For further information about becoming a partner of the ECA, please click here.

About SlotGuru

SlotGuru provides a unique information service that enables casino operators to share key slot machine data with their customers. The SlotGuru service enables slots players to receive a wealth of pertinent information on Slot games, including the volatility of a game, directly to their mobile phone, helping them make more informed decisions on their game play choices.

For more information, please contact

Hermann Pamminger, ECA Press Coordinator: info@remove-this.europeancasinoassociation.org