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While the total number of casinos in the Czech Republic fell from 180 in 2013, to 175 in 2015, the number of people employed in the industry increased in the same period from 2800 to 3200, a 14 percent gain, as increased restrictions have reduced the number of smaller operations, favouring larger properties.

Money left behind by players in the Czech Republic’s casinos has increased, with earnings of €183m recorded in 2015, 13 percent more than the €162m held in 2013.

In May 2016, the Czech legislature approved a new online gambling act that will take effect from January 1, 2017, allowing EU and EEA-based operators to legally enter the market for the first time with a wide range of games of chance, including online games. That legislation was signed into law by the President in June 2016.

Under the present Lottery Act, which expires at the end of 2016, only sports betting and card games licensed by the Ministry of Finance may be operated online.

Beginning in 2008 the Ministry of Finance had previously authorised nine operators to offer online gambling to the domestic market. Until the change in law takes place, unlicensed foreign operators are still excluded from the the market and are considered to be illegal.

In the Czech Republic, arcades hold the same status as casinos for revenue calculation purposes.


ECA MEMBERS :   c/o Czech Casinos a.s.


2016 218
2015 175
2014 225
2013 180


2016 3952
2015 3200
2014 3200
2013 2800


There are no specially defined legal requirements for player protection in the present Czech Gambling Code yet.

The principles of social responsibility of the gaming is in the area of regulatory measures generally applied in the form of restrictions on the availability, accessibility and limiting or modifying the manner of providing gambling.

The most effective form is general availability restrictions of a gambling, which includes limiting the number of businesses, reduce more harmful forms of gambling, limited to a dedicated facility or restricting the working hours.

Restrictions on the accessibility concerns the age limit for gambling (18) or exclusion or self-exclusion of players from the game. Measures focused on modifying the manner of providing gambling include, eg. restrictions on the use of alcohol and tobacco while gambling, limits the maximum losses, setting gambling limits, ban of incentives, restricting access to cash, intervention for players who show signs of problem with gambling, editing of the structural characteristics of games or restrictions on advertising.

The measures for responsible gaming are systematically defined a newly prepared Gambling Code (expected validity as of 2017). For instance with regard to technical games, the operator will be obliged to allow to a player to set a maximum for the amount of bets for one day, the amount of bets for one calendar month, the amount of net losses for one day, the amount of net losses for one calendar month, the number of logging into a user account for one calendar month, the daily log the user's account into his auto logout, the period for which the participant gambling will not be allowed to participate in this gambling operator after his check-out user account.

Another issue is an introduction of the Registry of the persons excluded from participation in the games of chance, as a non-public information system restricting the access of excluded individuals to gamble.

In the Czech Republic there are no dedicated crisis line for problem gamblers, but there are general help lines like Prague helpline or the Centre for Crisis Intervention Line PN Bohnice.

Legal Gambling Age: 18 Years Old

Smoking Ban: No



Terrestrial:Unlimited licences- currently around 180 casinos are in operation.

Online: Currently unregulated, but on January 1st, 2017 the new gambling regulatory framework will enter into force permitting online licences to be issued. New Framework in Czech and in English

In the Czech Republic there are no dedicated crisis line for problem gamblers, but there are general help lines like Prague helpline or the Centre for Crisis Intervention Line PN Bohnice.currently plans to publish secondary regulation in early Autumn 2016.


Terrestrial:Regulated gambling products in the Czech Republic are lottery, sports betting, totalisator betting, bingo, technical games and live games.


Online:All regulated forms of gambling can be offered online with the exception of tombola and small card tournaments. “Online casino games can only be operated online if a random number generator produces the same result as live gaming.


The Czech Republic’s Ministry of Finance carries out the regulation and licensing of casino games, slot machines and lotteries.

Additional supervision is provided by the local Financial Offices, with local municipalities are also involved in the licencing process.

A new online regulator may be created when the Czech Republic’s new online gambling regime comes into force on 1st January 2017.


Size of Illegal Gambling Market:Verifiable statistics or legal estimations of the illegal gambling market are not available in Czech Republic. Those studies that are available rely on very rough estimates.

Market Protection Measures / Tools to Tackle Illegal Gambling:Although the new Gambling Act, which will be fully implemented from January 1, 2017, contains ISP blocking provisions, no blacklist has yet been issued.
Payment blocking is provided by the new law but payment blocking measures have not yet been implemented.
According to Article 252 of the Criminal Code, operating, organising, promoting or facilitating unlicensed gambling is punishable with up to ten years’ imprisonment in case of aggravating circumstances.
It can also be subject to fines under Act no. 40/1995 Coll. on the regulation of advertising.


REVENUES (GGR & Tips EUR Million)

2016 225 million
2015 137 million
2014 146 million
2013 162 million


Currency : Czech koruna (CZK)

(Source:The World Bank)

GNI (2014, Local Currency, Millions): 37,82,037
(Source: Eurostat)

Internet Penetration (Internet Users): 79.7%
(Source: The World Bank)

Mobile Penetration (Mobile Cellular Subscriptions): 130%
(Source: The World Bank)

Doing Business Ranking (June 2015):36
(Source: World Bank Group)

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Last Updated: 1st September 2016