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For up-to-date information on the casino industry across Europe, please click on the map to see all country-by-country reports. The country reports provide a high-level overview of the casino market for the ECA member countries.

The reports have been compiled with information from the ECA’s members and the help of two of ECA partners, Herzfeld Consulting and Gambling Compliance.

Up until 2014, the ECA published the yearly European Casino Industry report that was compiled with the assistance of ECA. Overall support was given by two ECA partners, Herzfeld Consulting and Gambling Compliance.

The result is a transparent picture of the licensed European casinos that not only includes the Gross Gaming Revenues of the industry, but also the information essential to a well-controlled and regulated gaming environment. Further, the report touches upon the important contributions made to society by licensed land-based casinos in Europe. A few examples of such contributions are taxes and direct and indirect employment, as well as the sponsoring of social, cultural and sporting events.

Download the ECA European Casino Industry Report (print version)